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House of Gantt is an all-inclusive, female-owned, black-owned brand that offers premium quality jewelry. We do not believe in imposing trends on people because buying, gifting, and wearing jewelry should be a very personal experience. Opened with the premise of exceptional service, we channel our creativity, ingenuity, and expertise into our jewelry collections without compromising on quality. We are passionate about jewelry and continually strive to deliver outstanding services. 


We have an unflinching conviction that jewelry should go beyond conforming to trends and should express individuality. We mindfully hold on to our values as we continue to grow and craft innovative pieces that you can wear with joy and pride.


Our Collections

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We are dedicated to delivering exciting, high quality jewelry at the best possible price while keeping up with the most current fashions. We believe every client is and should be treated as the most important person in the world. We operate with the mindset of being unique, while delivering value and doing what is right for our customers.

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